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For Investors

BE Advise for Investors

In the investment world, choosing the right startup takes skill and knowledge. In this multifaceted startup ecosystem, BE Advise stands out by offering a tailored approach to each investor's unique demands. Whether you're venturing into the startup realm for the first time, seeking collaborations for your enterprise project, or in pursuit of financial support, we're your dedicated partner. Our firm belief is that every investment stage deserves meticulous detail, fostering a profound comprehension. We believe in paying close attention to every investment detail and communicating clearly to match your goals and dreams.

Startup Scouting

● Determine the most suitable industry for the investor's global innovation strategy
● Research how the market is evolving
● Create a list of suitable startups & deeply analyze
● Determine strategy & prioritization
● Introduction and follow up all meetings

Valuation Review​

● Analyze of valuation review using multiple methods
  ○ Revenue Multiple (Market Approach)
  ○ Benchmark Analysis
  ○ VC Method
  ○ DCF Method
● Business Overview
● Forecast Overview
  ○ PL&Analysis and compare with actual results and market assumptions

Investment Proposal​

● Prepare discussion paper including the following details about startup for the investor by BE Advise
  ○ Strategic Data
  ○ Key Risks
  ○ Product Assessment
  ○ Team & Shareholder Structure
  ○ Financials
  ○ Valuation & Competitors
  ○ Portfolio review

Due Diligence/Review​

● Review & Preparation of:
  ○ Financial Projections
  ○ Financial, Tax & Legal matters
  ○ Marketing & Growth
  ○ Commercial & Strategic Review
● Preparation of due diligence review reports & datapack
● Analyzing issue regarding impact on SHA/SPA

Be in the Right Place to Win

We help our customers achieve their financial goals.

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